Eileen Courtright: Imaging Specialist and Retoucher

I love improving images. There is a beauty to every photo that needs to be translated for the average viewer. They need to be drawn into the image for it to sell. The eyes are the most captivating for us and if I only have a little time on an image I always make sure the eyes pull you in.

Landscapes can feel like they go on forever, a product shot can look luxurious, tranquil, political…all conveyed through the contrast of colours, use of shadows or enhanced clarity within the image.

Controlling how colour behaves is important. As I have learned through experience, correctly calibrated equipment ensures that colour corrections produce consistent results with fewer proofs.

I welcome the challenge of new processes. I started in the printing business in the pre-press department as a film stripper. At that time, I had the opportunity to see one of the first Combi High End Mainframes. It was then that I knew I would forever be passionate about computers and colour. The industry has changed in revolutionary ways – that’s what I think is so exciting about it.

I have continually upgraded my skills to exceed industry standards. My university training in fashion at NYC and in architecture at the New Jersey Institute of Technology gave me a deep understanding of what's required in an image to convey the essence of fabric and objects both in printed and online imagery. I have developed a process to reduce the moiré and noise in digital photography. This allows corrections that used to take a half hour to be done in five to ten minutes. It is innovative approaches like this that help me deliver impressive results within limited time frames.

I am creative, enthusiastic, efficient and reliable. Want to know more?

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